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Jesus Is My Light

New Birth Salvation Science

Source: “Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins when sperm meets egg,” by Sarah Knapton, Science Editor, UK TELEGRAPH, APRIL 26, 2016

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Contributed By: Illustration Exchange | Date Posted: 2016-10-27

Scripture: John 1:4 ; John 3:7

Author: Illustration Exchange


Sarah Knapton, with The UK Telegraph, reports:

Human life begins in bright flash of light as a sperm meets an egg, scientists have shown for the first time, after capturing the astonishing ‘fireworks’ on film.

An explosion of tiny sparks erupts from the egg at the exact moment of conception.

. . . “To see the zinc radiate out in a burst from each human egg was breathtaking,“ remarked Professor Teresa Woodruff, Northwestern University. He added it’s “an incredible spectacle, highlighting the very moment that a new life begins.” 

A fluorescent flash captures the moment that sperm enzyme enters the egg CREDIT: NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY 


Isn't this the experience of every born again child of God? The moment of spiritual conception is accompanied by a flash of light, so to speak, as we are ushered from death to life, from darkness to the light. 

“The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone” (John 1:4). 

"Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.  You should not be surprised at my saying, 'You must be born again'" (John 3:6-7). 

Science Cries Out For God

Science Apologetics God's Power

Source: “The antimatter mystery: Annihilation and a universe that shouldn't exist,” ABC Science By Bernie Hobbs, 6/23/2016

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Contributed By: Illustration Exchange | Date Posted: 2016-10-16

Scripture: Luke 19:40

Author: Illustration Exchange


Bernie Hobbs, with ABC Science reports:

Antimatter isn't just a great plot device for sci-fi stories. It's at the heart of one of the great mysteries in modern physics — why our universe has stuff in it.

Every particle that makes up matter — the electron, proton, neutron and their more-obscure cousins — has an almost-identical twin: its antiparticle.

They were both made together from cooling energy in really high-energy environments like the big bang.

Antiparticles are exactly the same as their particle "siblings," except they have the opposite charge.

So here's where it gets interesting ...

... whenever matching matter and antimatter particles get together — they annihilate each other, converting back to the energy they came from.

Which brings us to a fundamental problem with our understanding of the universe: we shouldn't be here. 

The Standard Model of particle physics — which accurately describes all the particles and interactions that make up our universe — says our universe shouldn't exist.

Or at least, the matter that makes up all the stuff in existence shouldn't be here. It should have been wiped out by the matching antimatter that was created with it in the first second after the Big Bang.


There are fundamental questions about the origin of our universe that science has failed to answer:  Questions like How could order come from chaos? Or, How could life come from non-living matter? Add to these an even greater mystery: How does anything exist at all? 

According to the rules that govern our universe, nothing should exist. Yet, here we are!  When an impossibility overcomes the impossible to become a reality, it is, by definition, a miracle.

This seems like the logical place to inject the idea of a supreme force, a divine being with the power to explain the otherwise unexplainable, operating beyond observable laws.  Science, however, is steadfastly committed to the idea of a universe that is self-sufficient and self-explanatory. But what we actually find is a universe filled with wonders that can’t be explained by any of the current, observable laws. 

The bottom line is that we live in a universe with too few operating principles to explain its mysteries. This, of course, is exactly what one would expect to find If divine power, and not the existing laws, were responsible for creating our universe. 

Science hasn’t killed God, it cries out for God.  

“I tell you," he replied, "if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out” (Luke 19:40).

The Woman With Immortal Cells

Eternal Life Easter Science

Source: "In 1951 a poor woman's cells were taken without permission, and they revolutionised medicine" SCIENCE ALERT staff, April 22, 2014

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Contributed By: Illustration Exchange | Date Posted: 2016-03-09

Scripture: John 10:28 ; Matthew 21:4

Author: Illustration Exchange


From Science Alert we read:

Henrietta Lacks' immortal cells are one of the most important and prolific tools in medicine, used in developing the polio vaccine, cloning and gene mapping.

Henrietta Lacks was a 31-year-old mother of five when she died of cervical cancer on 4 October 1951. While the poor tobacco farmer was being treated at the John Hopkins Hospital, two samples of her cervix were removed - a healthy part and a cancerous part - without her permission or knowledge.

These cells were passed onto Dr George Otto Gey, who discovered they could do something never seen before in humans cells - be kept alive and keep growing indefinitely. Before this, cultured cells had only survived a few days in the lab.

Gey was able to isolate one specific cell and start the first ever immortal cell line, which he named HeLa after Henrietta. 

Since then these cells have been exposed to toxins, viruses and radiation, sent into space and replicated countless times. They've been involved in thousands of medical breakthroughs and helped to develop the polio vaccine, cloning and gene mapping. 

Scientists have grown around 20 tons of HeLa cells, and there are almost 11,000 patents involving HeLa cells. One researcher has estimated that if you laid all the HeLa cells in existence end-to-end, they'd wrap around the planet at least three times.

*For many more fascinating facts about the woman with immortal cells read the Today I Found Out article, specifically the "Bonus Facts" section. There's a humorous story about the misunderstanding between the Doctor and Mr. Lacks when he was first told about his wife's immortal cells.


The cures and advancements in medicine that have resulted from Henrietta Lacks immortal cells are nothing short of incredible. But while Henrietta’s cells may not die, even those who have been helped by them will. 

You probably don’t have immortal cells to offer the world, but you have been given an immortal message, one which promises to cure the root cause of all the world’s maladies—including death itself!

“I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand” (John 10:28).

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death' or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away” (Matthew 21:4).

A Soul-Satisfying Cosmology

Creation/Creationism Science Apologetics

Contributed By: Barnett Gushin | Date Posted: 2015-12-16

Scripture: Genesis 1:26 ; Matthew 5:16

Author: Richard Swenson

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The Miraculous Statistics Of Life On Earth

Science Apologetics Miracles

Contributed By: Illustration Exchange | Date Posted: 2015-01-01

Scripture: Psalms 19:1


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The Observer Effect

Science Motivation God's Omniscience

Contributed By: Mitchell Dillon | Date Posted: 2014-11-10

Scripture: Matthew 6:17 ; Psalms 139:11

Author: Mitchell Dillon

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What Is Life?

Eternal Life Salvation Science

Contributed By: Mitchell Dillon | Date Posted: 2014-09-29

Scripture: James 2:9 ; 1 John 5:11

Author: Mitchell Dillon

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Anyone Can Have a Change of Heart

Atheism Intelligent Design Science

Contributed By: Illustration Exchange | Date Posted: 2014-09-17

Scripture: 1 Timothy 2:4

Author: Antony Flew

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Science is Not the Only Source of Truth

Atheism Science Truth

Contributed By: Seth Dillon | Date Posted: 2014-08-23

Scripture: 2 Timothy 1:9

Author: Seth Dillon

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Hardwired for God

Apologetics Science Spirituality

Contributed By: James Miller | Date Posted: 2014-03-07

Scripture: Colossians 1:16

Author: Dr. Andrew Newberg

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