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Knowing Christ

Intimacy with God Christlikeness Discipleship

Contributed By: Paul Barreca | Date Posted: 2016-04-07

Scripture: Philippians 3:10 ; John 15:5

Author: Paul Barreca


In today's world of Smart Phones, tablets and instant Internet access, there are many things that we can "know." If someone asks the questions, "How long is the Verrazano Bridge," a nimble person with a 4 G connection and an iPhone can ask Siri, "How long is the Verrazano Bridge," and they will get an almost instantaneous response.

But if we were sitting next to an 85 year old retired construction worker who spent 2 years of his life building the Verrazano bridge in his 20s, we would not only get the right information, we would get it with great passion.


That's what it means to "know Christ and the power of his resurrection." It involves much more than repeating facts concerning Christ or the Bible. Knowing Christ involves an intimate relationship with Him, one that changes your life.

"I want to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised him from the dead. I want to suffer with him, sharing in his death" (Philippians 3:10).

What Is Your Trajectory?

Christlikeness Eternity Decision Making

Source: preacherpollard's Blog

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Contributed By: Neal Pollard | Date Posted: 2016-03-29

Scripture: Matthew 7:14 ; Matthew 25:46

Author: Neal Pollard


The New Oxford Online Dictionary defines trajectory as “the path followed by a projectile flying or an object moving under the action of given forces” (n/p). The term is used of everything from ammunition to astronomy, but in its figurative sense can be used to speak of the law of sowing and reaping or cause and effect.  There appears to be three elements to this definition: the path, the object, and the action of given forces. Apply this to a person’s life and the discussion takes on eternal significance.


  • The path: Jesus teaches that there are really only two paths to take, “the broad way” and “the narrow way” (Mat. 7:13-14).  Some have given no thought as to which road they are taking. Others convince themselves they are on the narrow way when an honest, objective look reveals it to be the other way. Some change roads, for good or bad. However, we cannot successfully argue that we are not on a path leading somewhere, whether the destination is “destruction” or “life.”
  • The object: Friend, the object (projectile) in this path of trajectory is the individual. It is you and me. We are moving closer to our eternal destination every day. God created a never-dying soul within us (Mat. 25:46; Ec. 12:7). As it was with the rich man and Lazarus (Lk. 16:19-31), we will lift up our eyes in either Abraham’s bosom or in torment. That soul was precious enough to God to pay the highest price to ransom it (John 3:16), but we may choose to give it away by allowing the trajectory of our life to miss the intended target (cf. Mat. 16:26).
  • The action of given forces: We are not helpless regarding this, but force implies pressure, resistance, and influence. The decisions we make, the people we allow to have influence on us, our choices, what we prioritize, and what values we establish become the forces moving us to the destination.  It is seen in our attitudes, words, and actions.

The earlier we figure this out, the sooner we will make it our aim to do everything we can to head in the right direction. We can change paths, but the longer we are aimed at the wrong target, the harder we make it on ourselves to change course. This is true with our finances, our physical health, our occupation, our marriage and family, but nowhere are the stakes as high than as concerns our eternal destiny. Let’s give thought to the trajectory of our lives and be sure that where we are heading is where we really want to go.

Honesty Pays!

Honesty Ethics Christlikeness


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Contributed By: Neal Pollard | Date Posted: 2015-12-31

Scripture: Proverbs 12:17 ; Proverbs 14:25

Author: Neal Pollard


A customer who ate at Randy’s Southside Diner in Grand Junction unluckily left $3,000 in a bank envelope at his booth. Fortunately, his busboy was Johnny Duckworth. Johnny gave it to his boss, who through the ATM bank slip in the envelope was able to track down the rightful owner. That unnamed person gave Johnny a $300 tip, but strangers started a “gofundme” page for the struggling Duckworth and have raised nearly $4000 for the young man. In an interview, he said he did not for a moment consider keeping the money, adding, “I work for a living.”


You’ve not likely had honesty pay so well for you. At least not financially. But, as the proverbial adage goes, “honesty does pay.”  How?

  • In reputation. Honestly builds businesses, friendships, leadership, and the like, when people have implicit confidence in your word (cf. Proverbs 14:25).
  • In relationships. People trust you and are closer to you when you are honest with them. The opposite is true, too, that people keep their emotional distance from you if you are dishonest (Ephesians 4:25).
  • In righteousness. Your character is built through dedication to unconditional truthfulness (Proverbs 12:17).
  • In reliability. Who will people come to, lean on, and go to? The honest. They know where they stand with such a one (Proverbs 12:19).
  • In respectWhile you may fear hurting feelings and alienating others through courageous honesty, you gain the admiration of most through transparency and scrupulous speech and behavior (1 Kings 22:13-14).

Sadly, doing the right thing was once routine, but now it merits newsworthiness. May the tribe of Johnny Duckworths increase. When we as Christians are renowned for our kind honesty, we will draw a world in search of goodness and trustworthiness to the One who “cannot lie” (Titus 1:2).

Expanding Spiritually to Look More Like Jesus

Children's Lesson Christlikeness Object Lessons

Contributed By: Illustration Exchange | Date Posted: 2015-11-08

Scripture: Ephesians 4:13

Author: Saira Apostolico, Children's Director, SLCC, FL

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We Are Fireflies

Light Witness Christlikeness

Contributed By: Scott Roberts | Date Posted: 2015-09-12

Scripture: Ephesians 5:8

Author: Scott Roberts

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The World According to Ronda Rousey, MMA Champ

Mercy Hatred Christlikeness

Contributed By: Rod Crowell | Date Posted: 2015-08-19

Scripture: Titus 3:3 ; Proverbs 13:15

Author: Rod Crowell

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Fast From, Feast On

Lent Fasting Christlikeness

Contributed By: Illustration Exchange | Date Posted: 2015-03-10

Scripture: Matthew 6:16

Author: William Arthur Ward / Illustration Exchange

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The Aroma of Christ

Christlikeness Witness Character

Contributed By: Scott Heins | Date Posted: 2015-01-13

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 2:14

Author: Scott Heins

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I'm Converted But Not That Far

Conversion Christlikeness Humility

Contributed By: Illustration Exchange | Date Posted: 2014-09-11

Scripture: Philippians 2:5

Author: E. Stanley Jones / Kent Crockett

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Imitate Me

Christlikeness Spiritual Growth Discipleship

Contributed By: John Wilson | Date Posted: 2014-09-05

Scripture: Philippians 3:17

Author: John Wilson

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