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Connecting The Dots

Baptism Passover Communion

Contributed By: Illustration Exchange | Date Posted: 2020-03-22

Scripture: 1 Peter 3:21

Author: Mitchell Dillon


As a child, I loved games that involved connecting the dots. I always thought it was so cool to start off with a bunch of dots that appeared to be random and watch the mystery resolved as the dots were connected. 


Growing in one’s faith is also like a game of connecting the dots.  That's because it involves a process of discovering the relationship between the things Christian are supposed to do and the meaning behind those things.  

Take the Sacraments as an example. On their own, they’re like a floating dot. Bread and wine are but bread and wine, waiting to be connected to something. That’s exactly what Jesus did on the night He was betrayed when He connected the Pascal meal to His death. This connection made their meaning clear. 

Of course, in the game of connecting the dots, there is always the danger that we might connect the wrong dots. Likewise, in the Christian life, we must avoid connecting God’s dots to the wrong things. For example, some have mistakenly connected the baptism dot to their salvation when what it should be connected to The Great Commission. When we make the right connection, we understand that it’s supposed to be a witness to a watching world, performed by those who have already been saved.  

Once the dot of baptism is connected to the right thing, God’s intentions become evident. 

"And that water is a picture of baptism, which now saves you, not by removing dirt from your body, but as a response to God from a clean conscience. It is effective because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ" (1 Peter 3:21). 

Burial Does Not Cause Death

Baptism Salvation Works Salvation

Contributed By: Thomas Bevers | Date Posted: 2014-06-18

Scripture: Colossians 2:12

Author: Thomas Bevers


Burial does not cause death, it declares the finality of death.


The Bible teaches that when we are baptized it is symbolic of our death, burial and resurrection with Christ. Baptism doesn't cause any of those things, it simple declares that they have happened. To say you believe one must be baptized in order to be saved is like saying you have to be buried in order to be dead. No, you are buried because death has already occurred.

"For you were buried with Christ when you were baptized. And with him you were raised to new life because you trusted the mighty power of God, who raised Christ from the dead" (Colossians 2:12).

DeBaptismal Certificates for Sale

Baptism Atheism Hardness of Heart

Source: Press release from The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) dated April 13, 2011

Link to Source: Click here to view source

Contributed By: Illustration Exchange | Date Posted: 2013-09-28

Scripture: Isaiah 1:18

Author: Illustration Exchange


A press release from The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) dated April 13, 2011, asks, “Prefer 'original good' to 'original sin'? Think religion is all wet? Indignant that a congregation still claims you as a believer based on baptismal records? Wishing you could formally renounce a religion that was imposed on you as a helpless babe in swaddling clothes?  The Freedom From Religion Foundation has the answer: a genuine ‘DeBaptismal Certificate.’”

The certificates can be purchased on their website for the low price of 2 for $5.  Printed on parchment, embossed with a gold seal, each is hand-signed by The FFRF’s founder and co-president, Dan Barker.  Just fill in your name in the space provided and “poof,” you are no longer to be counted among the faithful.

Barker, a former Christian minister turned atheist, told the TOLEDO BLADE that many purchase the two-for-one set, then frame one copy for themselves and mail the second to the church where they were baptized, asking to be permanently removed from their rolls.

"They're just flying out the door," told Annie Laurie Gaylor of the FFRF to the BLADE. "They're very, very popular.”

The certificate reads:

“I, having been subjected to a Christian baptism before reaching an age of consent, or having submitted to baptism before embracing free thought and reason, hereby officially renounce that primitive rite and the Church that imposed it. I categorically reject the creeds, dogmas, and superstitions of my former religion, particularly the pernicious doctrines of ‘Original Sin’ and damnation.

“I further denounce as an affront and defamation to humanity the false and demeaning belief that any baby is born with ‘Original Sin’ and must be cleansed of it by baptism. From this day forward, I wish to be excluded from any claims of religious affiliation or membership based on baptismal records.”

Stated Barker in the press release, “It's a way to undo the insult, to reject the idea that there is something wrong with us. Christianity has a pessimistic view of human nature. This is optimistic. With baptism,” he asserts, “I was unjustly accused. This is a way to proclaim I was innocent all along."

A budding atheist can order their signed certificate by mail, but FFRF is also making a free version of its certificate downloadable online at


Putting aside all consideration of the much debated practice of infant baptism, one cannot be but struck by the hard-heartedness of Mr. Barker who boldly proclaims that he was “unjustly accused” and “innocent all along.”  Contrary to Mr. Barker's protests, the Scriptures proclaim that we have all “fallen short of the glory of God,” and no reasonable, free thinking person can really deny it.

Ironically, what genuine believers baptism declares isn't that we are "unjustly accused," but that we have been, so to speak, unjustly forgiven! It declares that we have a righteous standing before God, one that we have not earned or deserve.

Further, one does not need a certificate to prove one possesses it; and if one truly possesses it, no certificate or decree of man or angels could ever revoke it. They need only, in humility, receive it.

"Come now, let us reason together," says the LORD. "Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool” (Isaiah 1:18).

Pain Is A Part Of The Process

Affliction Perspective Baptism

Contributed By: Illustration Exchange | Date Posted: 2013-09-27

Scripture: James 1:2 ; John 16:33

Author: Illustration Exchange

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Baptizing Puppies

Baptism Repentance Humor

Contributed By: Illustration Exchange | Date Posted: 2012-01-04

Scripture: Acts 2:38

Author: unknown

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The True Meaning of Baptism

Baptism Humor Good Works

Contributed By: Art Hill | Date Posted: 2011-12-25

Scripture: Titus 3:5

Author: Art Hill

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Bathtub Baptism

Baptism Submission Humor

Contributed By: Illustration Exchange | Date Posted: 2011-09-03

Scripture: Matthew 3:6

Author: unknown

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Suffering Makes Us Glow

Suffering Sanctification Testimony

Contributed By: Shane Waldron | Date Posted: 2020-09-13

Scripture: Psalms 34:5 ; Romans 8:28

Author: Shane Waldron

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Getting Ahead of God

Guidance Patience Submission

Contributed By: James Augustine | Date Posted: 2020-05-10

Scripture: Psalms 139:24 ; Psalms 5:8

Author: James Augustine

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Rejecting Jesus' Authority

Jesus' Authority Submission Rebellion

Contributed By: Shane Waldron | Date Posted: 2019-10-12

Scripture: Proverbs 28:25 ; Jeremiah 17:7

Author: Shane Waldron

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