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Discipline (Corrective) Wrath Love (Divine)

Contributed By: Chris Huff | Date Posted: 2022-07-26

Scripture: Romans 10:21 ; Matthew 18:22

Author: Chris Huff


Our kids sure can try our patience, can't they? When your kids disobey you, how many chances should you give them? How many times should you forgive them?

If you’ve ever had a disobedient child, you know how God feels. When your child is defiant, do you start counting down how many chances they have left? Are you like, “Okay, you have 489 chances left. 488. 487.” And then a couple of years later, or for some of your kids, a couple of hours later, you tell them, “Okay, this is your last chance! You’ve used up 489 chances, so this is it! After this, I’m cutting you off!” Do you say that?

Maybe. You probably don’t count down from 490, but at some point, you may have to cut them off. I mean, that’s what an intervention is, isn’t it?

In the most extreme interventions, out of love for the person, if a person is so addicted to drugs, alcohol, or something else, everyone who cares for that person comes together to let them know that they have to choose either drugs or them. To the person struggling with addiction, this seems like wrath. It seems like hate. But it’s truly done out of love so that they would repent and change. But if they don’t choose life, then they’ve chosen to be cut off.

As C.S. Lewis wrote: “The doors of hell are locked on the inside.”


God did an intervention with Israel, and they chose to be cut off. But because they chose to be cut off, God invited the nations to fill the void and to make Israel jealous. God says in Isaiah 65:1, “I was found by those who were not looking for me.” That’s us! That’s the Gentiles. We were going our own way, doing our own thing, and out of His abundant love and mercy, He showed us grace.

And yet, even after an intervention, you would still love your child, and you would still invite your child to change. And you would never give up on them. God says of Israel, “All day long I have held out my hands to a disobedient and defiant people.” (Romans 10:21, quoting Isaiah 65:2)

God still holds His hands out to them. And He holds His hands out to you. Maybe you’ve been grasping onto a particular sin, and it’s getting in the way of your relationship with God. You know it’s wrong, but you just haven’t been able to let it go. God is holding His hands out to you even now, inviting you to let go of all that’s truly harming you, and to rest in His love for you.

"Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, 'Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother who sins against me? Up to seven times?' 22 Jesus answered, 'I tell you, not just seven times, but seventy-seven times!'" (Matthew 18:21-22, Berean Study Bible).  

Made to Attend Church

Church Health/Growth Parenting Discipline (Corrective)

Contributed By: Mark Fuller | Date Posted: 2021-11-14

Scripture: Hebrews 10:25 ; Psalms 84:10

Author: Mark Fuller


So you don’t attend church today because you were forced to attend as a child? Such is the common complaint that I hear when the subject of church comes up with the unchurched. I understand. You were made to go. The only drug problem that your parents had was that they “drug” you to church. You didn’t particularly enjoy it, except for the Easter candy, the Christmas program, or maybe catching the eye of that pretty girl.

But the long, boring sermons were punishing. The Sunday School teacher thought you had a rotten attitude, and publicly called you out. You didn’t like wearing dressy clothes. And when the preacher talked, it seemed that he was looking right at you. You couldn’t stand singing in children’s choir and the list goes on.

So now, you refuse to attend. Furthermore, you resent the fact that your parents made you attend and have stalwartly determined NOT to require your children to attend church on the basis of allowing them to “make their own decisions.”

I understand. After all, that the church has been viewed as being too religious, judgmental, packed with hypocrites, and besides all that, they seem to want your hard-earned money.

While it may be true that the church, in general, has needed an overhaul in some ways, I would like to challenge you to consider another angle.

My parents not only made me attend EVERY church service (minimum of 3 days a week plus revival services), including extra youth service and prayer meetings, but they also made me carry my Bible. I brought an offering to Sunday School that came out of my allowance and had to memorize Bible verses. If we misbehaved in a church service, it might be that we were called out from the pulpit, or a “(h)usher” would attend our side. Rain or shine, we were in church!


But please indulge me a bit longer. Perhaps my parents would have received a visit from DHS if it were known of the other cruelties that they imposed upon my young life. You see, they frequently “forced” me to do other things that I definitely would have chosen not to do if I had a choice. Let me give you the short list:

My cruel and inhumane parents “forced” me to do other things that I definitely would have chosen not to do if I had a choice:

  • “Forced” me to attend school. Not just 3 times a week, but every weekday.
  • They made me go to the Dentist, the Doctor, the family reunions, and the mall to by new shoes.
  • I had to visit the nursing home when they went and be fawned over by old ladies who smelled funny.
  • If I got in trouble at school, I usually got in worse trouble when I came home.
  • When I got home, there were certain things I was required to do call “chores.”
  • They forced me to do the homework that came with school.
  • We were required to sit down as a family every evening for a meal in a room where there was no TV
  • There were the gross and disgusting things call vegetables that we were required to wash down before we could have any desert.
  • We were encouraged to go outside and play with the dog on nice days.
  • We were required to take baths, brush our teeth, and clean up after ourselves.
  • Before we left for school, we had to make our beds.
  • We were required to make peace when we had disagreements with our siblings. Like brush my teeth. Take a bath. Eat my vegetables. Be nice to my siblings. Share. Lift the lid. Close when finished. Tuck your shirt in. Get out of bed. Get a haircut. Get good grades. Get an attitude adjustment. Get a job. Wow! Come to think of it, I guess my parents were downright abusive! Right.

Thank you, mom and dad, for being so harsh. Your tough love made me the man I am today.

Rich Kid Torches Ferrari So Dad Will Buy Him New One

Parenting Money Discipline (Corrective)

Source: "Rich Kid Torches Ferrari So Dad Will Buy Him New One" By Michael Harthorne, Newser Staff, Posted Aug 11, 2015 8:03 PM CDT

Link to Source: Click here to view source

Contributed By: Illustration Exchange | Date Posted: 2015-08-27

Scripture: Proverbs 22:6

Author: Illustration Exchange


NEWSER reports that a “20 year-old Swiss man, who said he wasn’t brave enough to tell his father he was tired of his old Ferrari, paid three people to torch the $245,000 car.” He reportedly did this in the hope that his millionaire father would buy him a new one.

What makes this story even juicier is that this was just one of 15 cars the son had been gifted with, not to mention $30 million in property and a $10,000 a month allowance. And even though the young man was caught red-handed, thanks to surveillance cameras and intercepted phone calls, he was only sentenced to 22 months probation and a $32,000 fine.


If nothing else, this story provides a menu of choices for where to place one’s outrage. The incredible narcissism of the act itself, the ridiculous leniency of the sentence that followed, or the lavish spoiling of this young man that made all the rest inevitable are all top picks on the menu.

I pick the lavish spoiling that made all the rest inevitable.

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6, KJV).

Shamed Daughter Jumps to Her Death

Fatherhood Discipline (Corrective) Shame

Contributed By: Illustration Exchange | Date Posted: 2015-06-07

Scripture: Ephesians 6:4

Author: Illustration Exchange

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Desperate Baltimore Mom Assualts Son to Save Him Harm

Motherhood Discipline (Corrective) Love (Tough Love)

Contributed By: Illustration Exchange | Date Posted: 2015-05-04

Scripture: Proverbs 22:15 ; Proverbs 15:20

Author: Illustration Exchange

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Billy Ray Cyrus Says Satan Ruined His Family

Deceived/Deception Parenting Discipline (Corrective)

Contributed By: Darryl Woodson | Date Posted: 2015-03-08

Scripture: Proverbs 19:18

Author: Shari Weiss / Darryl Woodson

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When God Puts On the Brakes

Arrogance Discipline (Corrective) Submission

Contributed By: Barnett Gushin | Date Posted: 2013-03-19

Scripture: Proverbs 3:11 ; Hebrews 12:6

Author: Barnett Gushin

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Safe Boundaries

Commandments God's Care Discipline (Corrective)

Contributed By: John Carpenter | Date Posted: 2013-01-21

Scripture: Deuteronomy 8:11

Author: John Carpenter

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Napoleon and the Furrier

Fear Discipline (Corrective) Empathy

Contributed By: Illustration Exchange | Date Posted: 2013-01-02

Scripture: Hebrews 12:10

Author: Steve Andreas

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What's Playing At The Methodist Church?

Forgiveness Holy Spirit Discipline (Corrective)

Contributed By: Illustration Exchange | Date Posted: 2012-10-26

Scripture: Isaiah 30:10 ; Proverbs 3:11

Author: Dr. Rich Dorst

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